Mosaico de emociones ocultas

Discover "Mosaic of Hidden Emotions" is an artistic collection that brings to the forefront the intricate emotional range associated with various psychiatric disorders. This project transcends artistic creation to become an expedition into the core of human emotions, capturing the influence of these disorders on the subtleties of facial expression.

Each painting in "Mosaic of Hidden Emotions" constitutes a visual narrative that engages the observer, exposing everything from the nuances of emotional blunting in schizophrenia to the changing intensity of bipolar disorder. Compositions depicting Generalized Anxiety Disorder subtly convey the tension of chronic worry, while the struggle and internal dissonance of autism are reflected in the complexity of ambiguous expressions.

The collection navigates through human resilience and fragility, illustrating the watchful gaze of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the anxiety of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It also includes the diminished expressiveness induced by drug-induced parkinsonism and the emotional turbulence of Borderline Personality Disorder.

In the representation of dementia, the images transform into a collage of expressions that, though disordered, resonate with profound humanity.

This body of work reveals itself as a catalog of emotions frozen in time, reflecting the intimate experience shaped by these psychiatric conditions. The artistic methodology combines precision and instinct, employing a chromatic range that extends from soft tones to vibrant bursts of color, textures that harmonize or contrast, and contours that encapsulate the essence of each feeling.

"Mosaic of Hidden Emotions" transcends the artistic to become a window into the human soul, a silent yet eloquent exchange between the creator and those whose experiences often remain hidden. This project invites viewers to introspective contemplation, recognizing the diversity of experiences that, while veiled, are universally resonant and emotionally powerful.

As for the psychology of the square format in the images, it is often related to structure and order. In the context of "Mosaic of Hidden Emotions," the use of this format could symbolize the search for understanding and structure within the complexity of human emotions that psychiatric conditions represent. The square provides a balanced and defined space that can contain and express the intense variety of emotions that the series seeks to explore and communicate.